Let's Talk About Money

Endre Hoffmann & Amira MacCue 

Why you struggle to transform your life. 

In this video you will discover:

  • Why you keep trying to change but it doesn't happen 
  • What is meant by a survival mind
  • How you see the world with a filter 
  • How you can get free of limiting beliefs

Endre Hoffmann

Endre is Rapid Change Technology (RCT) expert, who finds true joy in helping people transform their lives so they can live the best version of themselves.

Endre was born in Europe and has travelled the world in his quest to break free of his old story "I'm not good enough". He searched for his answers for the past 20 years, which lead to extensive learning in the personal development space.

Endre is dedicated to using his knowledge about the mechanics of the mind to help others break free of limiting beliefs that keep people stuck. 

Amira MacCue & Endre Hoffmann

Organise your finances for success 

In this video you will discover:

  • Why more money isn't always the answer to improving your finances   
  • New ways of organising and understanding your finances
  • How small amounts of money -$10 & $20- makes a big overall difference
  • The easy way to stop overspending every week 

Amira MacCue 

 Amira is a Spending Planner and Founder of Your Money Habit. She helps people keep more of the income they earn so they can achieve their financial goals.

With her patience, compassion and persistence, she shows people the value of using an improved money management system to gain control of their finances. No excel spreadsheets or paper budgets because these outdated methods don’t serve us anymore in the busy modern world. 
They are missing too much vital information and don’t allow you to “try before you buy”.

For Amira nothing is more rewarding than getting a call from one of her clients saying that they’ve reached a goal that once seemed impossible.