Learn How To  

Stop Being Afraid Of Money!

Become confident and in control.   

We often feel if we just had some more money then everything would be better 

How often have we wished for this but year after year it eludes us?  


We know having a plan moves us towards success but no matter how much we try, something gets in the way.  Moving beyond broke and living a purposeful, balanced life requires more than just getting our hands on some more money short-term. 

  1.                       We need to stop and reassess our present reality, then

  2.                                      * Discover our Vision

  3.                                      * Clarify Goals 

  4.                                      * Use a Money Management System

  5.                                      * Do Mindset Work

  6.                                      * Improve Habits

  7.                                      * Support & Encouragement (A team to back us) 

"Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much" Helen Keller

ACCESS to 7-Step Guide to Success

By building on your current budget (no matter how small or incomplete) you can create a comprehensive cashflow blueprint
with this step-by-step guide and expert support

Library of Resources 

We'll provide you with all the templates, videos, files, reports that you'll need to be successful on your journey.

Our book list suggestions will steer you to the  di knowledge you're looking for. 

 Plus VIP access to our Expert Speaker Events.

8 months  of LIVE Q&A Support


Weekly group support calls help you stay on track and gives you the opportunity to develop better spending habits and a positive money mindset. 

LIFETIME ACCESS to the Money Masters Community 

 When you join the Money Masters Community, you gain access to like minded people who are supportive, encouraging and committed to financial success. 

Step Guide to Success

Step 1


Simple systems set you up for success.  Challenges like not being able to find website links, logins and passwords, stops us in our tracks and makes simple tasks almost unbearable. Our expert I.T. trainer helps you learn simple yet often unknown computer tips to speed up your productivity. 

Step 2

Bank Accounts and Physical Barriers 

You can set yourself up for success by using this process. It allows you to stop overspending without the need to write every little amount down and track it. Completing this step helps your bank balances grow , your debts reduce and stops you living payday to payday. 

Step 3

Specialised Software Setup 

Our specialised software system provides you with a cashflow blueprint.  Once setup, there are a number of easy to understand calendar, transaction and spending plan reports. The asset tab helps you keep track higher priced items that are purchased infrequently. 

Step 4

Build Your Spending Plan 

Using our transactions templates, your old bank statements and any of your current budgeting information, you'll create a detailed cashflow blueprint that resembles a bank statement in advance. Never be surprised by  or unprepared for your annual registrations or insurances again. 

Step 5

Goals and Habits

Success is based on first knowing where you're aiming, then on the action you take. Habits are formed by repetitious action and thoughts. Your goals clarity session with a Personal Breakthrough expert will provide you with your vision and your weekly tasks will create success habits. 

Step 6

Long-Term Planning 

Be prepared and ready to negotiate prices on new household appliances. Know when car tyres and battery need to be replaced before you get caught short of cash. Have a rainy day fund growing so your prepared for those things you don't yet know will occur. 

Step 7

Living With Your Spending Plan 

Learn how to make informed spending decisions using a 'try before you buy' process.  Continue on your path to financial success and achieve your financial goals by easily making adjustments to your plan as your situation changes. You will be prepared to grow and expand your wealth.


Bonus 1

4 x Private Coaching Sessions



  • Session 1: Bank Accounts & Weekly Spend Planning
  • Session 2: Learn to interpret your  plan
  • Session 3: Can be used as an SOS for anything
  • Session 4: With Personal Breakthrough Expert, Endre Hoffmann. 

Bonus 2 

Tech Support



  • An I.T trainer will help you setup a folder on your bookmark bar for easy access to url's,. Show you how to use some handy tools to remember secure passwords, split your screen and watch videos faster.

Bonus 3 

$100 Cashback



  • Complete all the steps in the Money Mastery Program and not only will you finish with great spending habits, a cashflow blueprint that's easy and quick to modify but you'll also receive a $100 giftcard

Bonus 4 

Debt Buster Plan



  • Find the faster way to pay off your debt with our debt buster program. The program helps you decide which debt to pay first so you can minimise interest paid and allow you to be debt free faster.                         

Money Masters Program

Look after your money & it will look after you

If you are tired of worrying about money and want to free yourself from the power that fear has over you, then this program is for you.

Fear, shame, guilt and embarrassment over your financial situation can be a thing of the past if you can  take a brave step forward and get honest about your current situation then work towards a brighter future. 

  • Step by step process with easy to follow weekly actions  
  • Small group of people focused on the same financial success journey
  • Templates and short videos to help learn concepts 
  • Quick responses to questions in Facebook group or Messenger  
  • Live weekly calls to keep you on track with developing better habits
  • Accountability Support throughout the course to help you succeed

You'll end up with a financial blueprint that shows you how to cover your day to day expenses on time & when you'll achieve your bigger financial goals.

Going through the process of mastering your money empowers you to make well informed financial decisions that will improve the quality of you and your family's life.

Once you take the day to day worry about whether you can pay your bills, keep the roof over your head, take care of your children and be prepared for retirement then you can focus on personal growth,  achievement and freedom.

There simply is not a more complete, comprehensive and supportive way to gain control of your finances and live a life free of money stress.

About your Coach:

Amira MacCue

Amira is a Spending Planner and Founder of Your Money Habit. She helps people keep more of the income they earn and stop living from pay to pay. With her patience, compassion and persistence, she shows people the how and when they can achieve their financial goals.

By transferring information in excel spreadsheets and paper budgets to a specialised money management system, people can use the 'try before you buy' approach to make more informed financial decisions.   

For Amira nothing is more rewarding than getting a call from one of her clients saying that they’ve reached a goal that once seemed impossible.

What Money Masters Graduates Say

Umesh K.

When I met Amira in October 2019, both of my bank accounts were at zero balance. How this had happened for first time ever in my working life, I have absolutely no idea. Once I signed up for Amira's program, in less than three months magic happened. The same bank accounts which had gone to zero, in three months' time they had healthy balance without increase of a single cent in our household income. All I did was just listened to everything Amira asked me to do and followed the path she created for me.

Believe me, Amira is such an amazing person with deep knowledge about how to manage income and expenses in an amazingly effective way. I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to whoever is struggling with money matters.

Mary N. 

I wanted to get skilled up on how to manage my money better, but didn’t want to read boring financial books. I learn better when I have someone who can talk me through processes anyway. Having Amira guide me through the steps to make good money habits has given me the confidence to recognise I am doing a good job. Before YMH I wasn’t really paying attention, now I have a good ‘grip’ on what ‘s going on. I have learnt that managing my money is an ongoing process, not set and forget. If you have any doubts about where your money is going, or if there is always too much month at the end of your money, then this is for you!

Believe me, Amira is such an amazing person with deep knowledge about how to manage income and expenses in an amazingly effective way. I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to whoever is struggling with money matters.

Shelley B. 

I highly recommend this program. Before I started I was in complete denial and fear about my finances. I always worried about how to pay the bills and I wasted a lot of money. Amira's support helped me take control again. With simple steps and an organised system, I feel much more confident in my financial future. I have developed healthy spending habits and sleep more soundly at night. If money is something that causes you stress, then this is a great solution. I'm so grateful everyday that I found this program.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Maree T. 

 I never expected that at 70 years old that my life could be exciting. I have always been carefree and spontaneous with money as my significant other has always been in control of our finances. I was concerned about the future when I may be left alone and did not understand financial management and would not be able to handle all the bills.  I have been blessed to find out about the Money Habits course. Now with the software structure set in place I feel that I could manage better if I was ever left on my own.  Amira has been confidential, trustworthy and encouraging. Knowing that support is always available helps me feel more confident. I highly recommend that you just sign up as you will never regret learning about and managing this important part of our lives.

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What Money Masters Graduates Say

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